Kito Denham – a.k.a. Mayh3m! was born in Sacramento CA in the fall of 1979.

The youngest of four boys, Mayh3m! quickly began to learn the ways of the world from his parents and older brothers. Music always was a big part of life growing up in a house full of artists, musicians and singers. The boys moved from CA to OH with their mother to start a new life in the mid-west. The street culture (known now as hip-hop) intrigued the young boys and they quickly were wrapped up in the art-forms of breaking, graffiti, rhyming and deejaying. Before long the whole neighborhood would be out front of the Denham residence breaking on cardboard and rhyming to the latest hip-hop music of the mid 80’s.


By the age of 13, Mayh3m! had already become a very talented musician/writer and was on his way to becoming the engineer and producer we all know and love today.


Kito and a couple close friends (Travis Bennett & Randy Olverson II {RIP}) started to really get into hip-hop music. Hardly ever apart the crew started to call themselves the Nap-E-Headz and began recording music with only a Karaoke tape recorder and a Talk Boy (from Home Alone). Kito took charge and sort of engineered the sessions and this was the start to something big. After letting people hear their music, they realized that they had a gift and people were dying to hear more of it.


Through-out middle school and high school Kito and Travis (now Mayh3m! and Jugganaut and/or Jugga) focused on perfecting their craft and working non-stop to become respectable artists in the city. Mayh3m! was already taking more of the “behind the scenes” role as there was a lack of interest in becoming a “Rap Star”. Mayh3m! has always seemed to be more interested in producing and developing artists who want to be in the “lime-light”.


The DJ element took on a whole new meaning once Mayh3m! and his friends Derrick Hill (DJ POS2!!) and Steve Counts, Jr. (DJ Universe) started spinning records and learning that art-form as a whole. The crew started to deejay school dances and friends house parties all over the city and it opened the door further for the hip-hop music that Mayh3m! and his new crew “Da Gladiators” started making and taking seriously. The crew consisted of Mayh3m!, Jugga, BYG Cheef and The Kamikaze Kid…all of which are now performing still.


In the summer of 1998, Da Gladiators recorded their first commercial track in a real studio and Mayh3m! produced the single “Da Gauntlet”. This was the start of something huge, not only for Mayh3m! but for the other members of the crew. Da Gladiators began to rock shows all over the city and began showing up on a lot of peoples radar when they were looking for some lyrical hip-hop.


In 2001 Mayh3m! released his first album Original Bassment Funk produced solely by himself. He traveled around Ohio, Michigan and a few other mid-western areas, promoting the album and writing.


Over the next few years Mayh3m! released a few more solo albums AwdioMayh3m! Vol. 1 & 2, Experimentals and a slew of albums from other artists that he produced and/or engineered. Surreal Audio in 2012, AwdioMayh3m! Vol. 3 in 2015 and most recently iRap on November 17th 2017.